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| | Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

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Some time ago, the cave was involved in a warm discussion about Godbless and Gong 2000 in a mailing list you Billy KPMI Triyono care. There are some people who question the number of songs in the 2000 Gong Godbless repertoire in 2007 the new Soundrenaline ago. When watching Gong at 2000 East Park I also found some songs that Godbless weaving in their repertoire. As Godbless watch in Senayan on August 25 and also many songs Gong in 2000 who entered their set-list. Even the theme of the show, "Waiting for Honesty", is actually a song Gong 2000. Actually, what's the difference these two bands?

Well, here's a bit of theory from the cave, lay people who try to guess. Agree or not, legitimate aja. His name also lives in the nature of democracy, let alone this virtual world. The sources underlying this amateur theory comes from several magazines and posts that never appear on a mailing list KPMI (for those interested in joining can find Yahoogroups. Keywordnya: Community Dance Musik Indonesia).

To start this amateur theory, we are back to the years before 1988, after releasing the album Godbless Black Ants. Surprisingly, Godbless concurrently dedengkot guitarists, Ian Antono, declared out of the band who raised his name is. This event could shake fans Godbless. No less, according to Ian Antono own admission, Iyek never persuade him to stay in Godbless. "Who are you not glad to say aja. Provided you do not get out. "So about that time Iyek said. But Ian's decision was unanimous. The reason: he was busy dealing with Nicky Astria and involved in the cultivation of Jasmine Trias album. Eet eventually replace him Syahranie signed, and 89 years of Giants album was released. Eet's involvement continues again on the next album Godbless: The Story of Godbless, which in fact is his album The Best Godbless with 5 old songs re diaransir: Huma Di Atas Bukit, Musician, She Passed Away, Devil Laughs and lost souls.
In 1990, while touring the Great taking place, suddenly appeared more shocking news: Ian Antono Gong announced the establishment of 2000. What makes surprise because there are 2 other names that Godbless frontman Achmad Albar Iyek aka Donny and Fatah. 2 Other personnel are Harry Anggoman and Yaya Muktio. Before long, the album was released East Bara, following their tour. Godbless automatically re matisuri, and tour Giant halfway. Godbless songs were weaving in this 2000 tour Gong. On many occasions, always stressed Ian Antono Gong in 2000 when it was his project. But private cave argue that this band is 2 ya the same. How so?
Thus the theory of amateur cave:
Godbless albums in the formation of the Black Ants, there are 2 tigers both arranger there. One is Ian Antono, a cold hand to make an album in 1910 and Iwan Fals Mata Dewa Iwan Fals became an album of new taste ngerock (and sold off), as well as an arranger for successful albums Nicky Astria. The others named Jockie Suryoprayogo, drafter behind the masterpiece album "Storm Sure Pass". Both these names meet in 1 albums, and finally can be seen, Jockie was dominant in the Black Ant. Of the 10 songs, there are 6 work on this album he. 2 by itself, 2 cooperation with Iwan Fals, cooperation with 1 Donny Fatah, 1 longer work together with Donny and Ian. Ian Antono own 'only' contribute 4 songs of all was the work together with fellow musician / lyricist other. Maybe just because it feels creativity and ideas can not be maximized, or hit 'the wall', Ian became not stand anymore and decided to pull from Godbless.
Once out of Godbless, he began to gather musicians who will be invited to form a new band, Gong 2000. Two diatara these musicians were picked from Godbless too. Then East Bara dirilislah album, following the album's Army. Maybe it (this may lho), Ian wanted to show, "Here ya wants Godbless cave like this." Is not it possible there are 2 enggak band called Godbless, so that one name Gong ngambil 2000.
The cave has a unique personal experience nih:
Around the year 2002 the cave had invited a fellow named Rino to join him in his band called "The Charm". Invite a friend Cave cave, Alit (bassist), for the follow-up. Finally the four of us began to exercise. The drummer's performance proved Charm is far below the standard. Not able to play the numbers that The Stone Roses become a mission The Charm of the time. After 2 sessions, invited Rino cave to join the band cave "Lazy Sunday", which also flickey Stone Roses. Personnel? Cave, Rino, Alit, plus the cave as the drummer's brother. Essentially the same Lazy Sunday The Charm person, yes it is also, just wrote a drummernya replaced. The goal? So in order to play the Stone Roses really well and it was achieved.
What was being said when asked Ian Antono Iyek and Donny joined cave not to know. Clear Gong 2000 go on, Godbless matisuri.
In 1997, Iyek trying to bring back all personnel Godbless and discuss the possibility of re-recordings. At that time, without the presence of Ian Antono, suggested that Ian Iyek invited back, without having to fire Syahranie Eet. Finally, it was agreed to use 2 guitarists in their new album. Log Zhelebour again embraced for 2 album contract. Before long, what news was released. 5 city tour and the tour designed ASEAN. But there apesnya crisis followed by riots in May 1998, so this plan abandoned. Godbless again vacuum, while Gong last album released in 2000, Prahara.
In 1999, Log Zhelebour 'collect' the rest of the first album 1 agreed. All personnel except Eet (who wants to Edane concentration) agree. Rekamanpun process finally began to take place in the studio's Jockie. But after the album was almost complete, Iyek not come to take vocal. Jockie was upset and eventually withdraw from Godbless.
Terbengkalainya about the album, Iyek, Donny and Ian same reason: The music is not music Godbless, and because no agreement was reached to reformed or regenerated, yes we stop it.
Now, with the formation of Eternal Soesman, Yaya Muktio, Ian Antono, Donny Fatah and Achmad Albar, Godbless active again. Shown in Soundrenaline day 07 and the PAN to be 9 in Senayan. Their new album planned for release late 2007 or in 2008, coinciding with the 35th anniversary Godbless. Comments-komentarpun emerged:
"Let's bet, bener nggak album released later this year?" (Denny Sakrie, observers famous music)
"If someone say God Bless to make a new album again, nonsense. I'm still laughing wrote. Gile banget. The old debt still aja ama producer. "(Jockie Suryoprayogo, musician, arranger and former keyboardist Godbless)
"Please just when God Bless pengen bikin album elsewhere. But, once dong kembaliin money already paid. "(Zhelebour log, boss Logiss Records)
That name supergroups, not separated from the heat and the unique stories behind each of their football exploits. Despite all the controversy about the new album this Godbless, they are still loved by his fans, old and young. While the monthly meetings that bring Achmad Albar and Ian Antono, many veterans Godbless fans who came from the region. Some of Medan and Surabaya, even supposedly from London. As Godbless appear in Senayan, 25 August, the young crowd coming in droves. While watching Godbless now (especially with the entry of Yaya) almost no different from watching Gong in 2000, but the audience did not give a damn.
What is important is Iyek ...
Note: The 'reversed and post the album Apa Kabar' I took from the article Mr. Rusman. Thank you for Mr. Rusman. For those who want to know the full article he titled "What news Godbless?", Can be read on the mailing list at yahoogroups KPMI - published there).

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